Our mission is to create a space for you to create. bärenquell is a meeting point where art, culture, science, and innovation come together under the same roof. Spaces in various sizes, shapes, and styles will soon be available for you to bring your ideas into being. Are you looking for space?

bärenquell - creating space

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About the old brewery

Established in 1882, this historic monument is today a symbol of the story of Berlin. A spacetime-microcosmos.

The Technological Revolution in the late 19th century, the Golden Twenties, the Great Depression, two World Wars, GDR era, the Fall of the Wall, and the reemergence of the German capital as a global center for art & culture, are all carved in the factory’s walls and pathways, towers and cellars, pipes and machines, stones and trees, inside and out. All writing a story. Creating Space.


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