Under Construction

Under Construction

Building A

Brewhouse, Machine-House,
New Brewhouse

The former Machine- / Brewhouse was built in 1906 and is one of the oldest buildings in the Brewery. In 1969, the new Brewhouse was added to the complex. Currently, the entire building-complex is being renewed and will soon be used as a commercial space.

Building D

Workshop and Residential

This three-story building, originally used for workshops, administration office and living, was erected in 1927. The building located in the north-west wing will be used for commercial space.

Building J

Administration Building

In 1882, the administration building was built with the office rooms on the 1st floor and the management rooms on the upper floors. During the renovation of the building, which will be used as a commercial space in the near future, the roof will be renewed, new floors will be installed, the beautiful facade will be renovated and many more

Building K

High Management Residence

The accommodation building was built in 1882 and is thus the oldest building on the site. Among the many works carried out, the entire roof and all windows will be renewed. The building will be used as commercial space in the near future.


First phase of Infrastructure works is almost completed. New connections for water, sewer, electricity, and heating were laid.

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