About the old brewery

Established in 1882, this historic monument is today a symbol of the story of Berlin. A spacetime-microcosmos.

The Technological Revolution in the late 19th century, the Golden Twenties, the Great Depression, two World Wars, GDR era, the Fall of the Wall, and the reemergence of the German capital as a global center for art & culture, are all carved in the factory’s walls and pathways, towers and cellars, pipes and machines, stones and trees, inside and out. All writing a story. Creating Space.

For 112 years it has been manufacturing beer under several different brands, last of which was the famous Bärenquell beer.

After the factory was closed down in 1994, it has become a lost place, attracting street artists, musicians, and party organizers, both local and international, to create there and transform it into a spontaneous art gallery and venue for underground raves.

As an old brewery it is naturally associated with culture, leisure, and recreation on one hand and with industrialization, technology, and innovation on the other. A perfect mix for the home that is being created there.

Today, 26 years after the brewery gates were shut for the last time, it is being revived and transformed into a destination for art, culture, and science. A hub of creativity, curiosity and innovation. Remembering its past. Creating its future.